Quotes on World Health Day in English 2020

Quotes on World Health Day in English 2020

Read here the latest collection of Quotes on World Health Day in English 2020

Quotes on World Health Day in English 2020

World Health Day (English: World Health Day) is celebrated every year on its foundation day on 7th April every year under the aegis of the World Health Organization or WHO. The aim of this is to make people aware of health around the world and motivate the government to formulate health policies keeping in mind the public interest.

World Health Day is celebrated globally to raise awareness about several health issues under the sponsorship of the whole when is it celebrate each year

World Health Day started in 1950. Earlier on 19 April 1948, WHO. It was established In the same year, WHO The first World Health Assembly was held, in which it was decided to celebrate World Health Day every year from 7 April.

1-minute essay on World Mental Health Day

World Health Organization
Main article: World Health Organization
On April 7, 1948, 193 countries of the world, together with the United Nations as an associate and affiliate of the United Nations, formed the foundation of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland. Its main objective is to raise the level of health of people around the world. Every person is in good health and every person can get a good treatment facility when ill. All over the world polio, anemia, blindness, leprosy, tuberculosis, TB, malaria and AIDS can be prevented and patients can get proper treatment, and these societies should be made aware of diseases and their healthy environment. Be taught to stay healthy. According to the World Health Organization, being physically, mentally and socially healthy is the definition of human health.


Quotes on World Health Day in Hindi

सकारात्मक सोच है
तो मानसिक बीमारी दूर है
और जो शारीरिक-मानसिक रूप से स्वस्थ है
वो सुखी जरूर है


विश्व स्वास्थ्य दिवस शायरी
मस्तिष्क में खूबियां खूब है
पर इसका स्वस्थ होना जरूरी है


world mental health day 2020 logo

Your mind carries depression
the scars on your heart show the sign


world mental health day 2020 quotes

Your mind carries the depression caused by the sleepless nights
Your face carries the smile of the second face you carry


world health assembly 2020

Your spirits carry euphoria
stars in your eyes show the sign


national health days 2020

Your nerves carry depression
your pallid face shows the sign


World Health Day Shayari in English

Difficulties do not come to destroy you
But to help you
Realize your Hidden Potential and Power
Let difficulties Know that you are Difficult to Defeat
Happy World Health Day


Vishwa Swasthya Diwas Shayari Quotes

Health is important
It keeps your body fit and your mind calm
Spread health awareness on this World Health Day
Sharing one small SMS is not going to harm


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