21 Days Lockdown To Be Completed On April 14 2020, Tonight

21 Days Lockdown To Be Completed On April 14 2020, Tonight

21 days lockdown to be completed on April 14, tonight | coronavirus in humans | coronavirus in babies | coronavirus diagnosis | coronavirus definition

21 Days Lockdown To Be Completed On April 14, Tonight

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the second time within a week to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The Prime Minister said that the coming 21 days are important for us. So tonight, the entire lockdown is going to happen across the country from 12 o’clock. The Prime Minister said that there is no other way to avoid Corona, there is no other way. If the corona is to stop spreading, then the cycle of infection has to be broken.

Avoid rumors: PM
But friends, also keep in mind that at such times, rumors also spread inadvertently and unknowingly. I urge you to avoid any kind of rumor and superstition. I request you not to take any medicine during the symptoms of this disease, without the advice of doctors.


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